Clinical Genomics Uppsala contributes to new innovation for sensitive mutation detection


A new technology for sensitive detection of mutations is the innovation behind the company Rarity Bioscience. Clinical Genomics Uppsala has contributed by evaluating the clinical potential of the method.

Sensitive detection of mutations facilitates monitoring of how well a cancer patient responds to treatment and enables early detection of cancer recurrence. Prof. Ulf Landegren and Dr. Lei Chen at Uppsala University have invented a new method for ultrasensitive detection, Rarity SafeLock, which is based on rolling circle amplification and padlock probe-technology. The innovation has resulted in the spin-out company Rarity Bioscience.

Clinical Genomics Uppsala (CGU) has had a long-term collaboration with Ulf Landegren and Lei Chen to evaluate the clinical potential of Rarity SafeLock. The role of CGU has been to test the method on clinical samples and benchmark against results from digital droplet PCR, and implement the method for use in clinical routine.

News article from UU with interview of Lei Chen

Last modified: 2024-02-23