The Clinical Genomics platform receives funding for establishing laboratory preparedness for pandemics


The Clinical Genomics platform, in collaboration with Genomic Medicine Sweden, the National Pandemic Center and the National Genomics Infrastructure, has received 8 MSEK in the SciLifeLab call for laboratory preparedness for pandemics.

The funding will be used for development of improved whole-genome sequencing workflows for monitoring of pandemics as well as metagenomic assays for detection of known and unknown microorganisms. In addition, the project aims to strengthen existing networks within pandemic preparedness and to coordinate the collection, annotation, structuring and aggregation of data. 

In Uppsala, the work will focus on development of nanopore-based sequencing assays and bioinformatic workflows for detection and surveillance of uncommon or unknown microorganisms. This work will be led by Johan Lindh and René Kaden at the section for Clinical Microbiology at Uppsala University Hospital, who have recently been affiliated to Clinical Genomics Uppsala. Clinical Microbiology has also recently received SciLifeLab funding for a project aiming to scale up nanopore-based SARS-CoV-2 sequencing in collaboration with Lars Feuk. 

“The detection of unknown pathogens requires specific analysis in addition to current diagnostics. The project financing helps setting up appropriate methods for faster detection of new or uncommon pathogens in future outbreaks”, says René Kaden, microbiologist at Clinical Microbiology. 

Last modified: 2024-02-23