Tobias Stiftelsen grants funding to research on myelodysplatic syndrome


A research project for early detection of relapse in patients with myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) has been granted 10 million SEK by the Tobias Stiftelsen. The genetic analyses are carried out at Clinical Genomics Uppsala.

The grant will support phase 2 of the ongoing study on MDS, where droplet digital PCR is used for the sensitive detection of patient-specific mutations following treatment. The first phase of the study focuses on method development for early detection of relapse in patients that were treated using stem cell transplantation in over 200 patients from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.

The next phase of the study will focus on the implementation of the patient-specific detection techniques in clinical routine. From the clinical genomics facility, Lucia Cavelier, Tatjana Pandzic, Simone Weström, Britt-Inger Jonsson, Karin Sollander and Lucy Mathot are involved in the study.

You can read the press release (in Swedish) here.

Last modified: 2024-02-23