A new clinical study for precision medicine in cancer is initiated at Genomic Medicine Sweden


A new collaboration between MEGALiT (A MolEcularly Guided Anti-Cancer Drug Off-Label Trial) and Genomic Medicine Sweden (GMS) aims to implement precision medicine on a national level by combining precision diagnostics and treatment.

The collaborative effort will be initiated in autumn 2020 where a pilot clinical trial will be performed at the University Hospitals in Uppsala and Gothenburg. The first phase of the trial will involve screening of 154 patients with locally advanced or metastasized solid tumors to assess their eligibility for treatment with targeted therapy. In the next phase, patients with hematological malignancies will also be included.  The therapies the patient will receive have already been approved, but for specific tumor types. The patients in this study will receive the therapy based on genetic data only, regardless of the type of cancer they have.

This study is the first of its kind in Sweden and the aim is to establish the infrastructure required to implement this type of precision medicine on a national level. The collaboration will allow for the use of the advanced diagnostic platforms as well as the opportunity to standardize workflows and guidelines using the infrastructure established at GMS. 

From Clinical Genomics Uppsala, Johan Botling and the team working with solid tumors will contribute to the study.

You can read the press release from GMS (in Swedish) here.

Last modified: 2024-02-23