Facility Director

Photo Panagiotis Baliakas
Photo: Anna Olsson

Panagiotis Baliakas is a specialist in hematology and clinical genetics working as a senior consultant at the department of clinical genetics at Uppsala University Hospital and a research group leader at Uppsala University. His research interest is hematological malignancies with the main focus being hereditary hematologic cancer.  Read more about Panagiotis Baliakas’ research

Email: panagiotis.baliakas@igp.uu.se

Head of Facility

Malin Melin, PhD, is Head of Facility and manages overall operations at Clinical Genomics Uppsala. Malin has an MSc in biotechnology, a PhD in clinical molecular genetics and extensive experience in genomic methods, bioinformatics and project management. A list of publications that Malin has contributed to can be found in the Pubmed database.

Email: malin.melin@scilifelab.uu.se

Photo: David Naylor

Work package leaders

Solid tumors

Porträtt Lotte Moens
Photo: David Naylor

Lotte Moens, PhD, is the work package leader for solid tumors. Lotte is a clinical molecular biologist in pathology at the department of Clinical Pathology at Uppsala University Hospital. Lotte has a background in toxicogenomics, multifactorial diseases and molecular pathology and has extensive experience in genomic methods development. A list of publications that Lotte has contributed to can be found in the Pubmed database.

Email: lotte.moens@igp.uu.se


Tatjana Pandzic and Peter Hollander jointly lead the hematology work package at Clinical Genomics Uppsala. 

Tatjana Pandzic is a clinical laboratory geneticist and researcher at the department of Clinical Genetics at Uppsala University Hospital. Read more about Tatjana Pandzic’s research.
Email: tatjana.pandzic@igp.uu.se

Peter Hollander is a specialist in hematopathology and researcher at the department of Clinical Pathology at Uppsala University Hospital. Read more about Peter Hollander’s research.
Email: peter.hollander@igp.uu.se

Photo: Eva Berglund


Associate professor René Kaden is a microbiologist at the Clinical Microbiology department at Uppsala University Hospital and leads the work package for Microbiology. His research focuses on molecular epidemiology, evolution and taxonomy of microorganisms. Read more about René Kaden’s scientific work at Publons.

Email: rene.kaden@akademiska.se

Photo: Heike Kaden


Photo of Claes Ladenvall.
Photo: David Naylor

Claes Ladenvall, PhD, is a bioinfomatician and responsible for the bioinformatics work package.

Claes has a background in stroke genetics, T2D genetics and statistical genetics. Since joining the facility, Claes has been working on developing bioinformatic applications for various malignancies. A list of publications that Claes has contributed to can be found in the Pubmed database.

Email: claes.ladenvall@igp.uu.se

Last modified: 2024-02-23